Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ninja Umbrellas are Testing Emergency Response Teams

In the past year a couple of cases of Samurai Sword Umbrella sitings have sparked alarm. People have been reporting the umbrellas as suspected rifles of all things.

An entire mall in Burlington, Massachusettes was shut down because two women became alarmed at a man carrying the umbrella in Nordstrom's. They reported it as a man with a rifle. SWAT teams, ATF and customs officials were called out and over 40 police from 4 different townships showed up for the excitement. The poor guy recognized his description on the news and called in to admit carrying the dangerous-looking rain-combat device.

The News Story on CBS Boston

More recently something similar happened on a college campus when a bus driver reported a man with a rifle at the Rochester Institute of Technology in NY. Police tracked down the photography student and confiscated the offending umbrella.

News Story on YNN

The girlfriend of the student told her story on Some girls just go for the dangerous type.
Of course the authorities in these cases were just doing their jobs, and we can all appreciate their vigilance and quick response. But what about the people who are calling in these reports? A rifle? Couldn't they have just looked a little closer? Or, god forbid, asked someone's opinion about what the umbrella was? I understand they might not want to speak to a person they thought had a weapon directly, and just simply ask him what the thing was, but it just seems like paranoia is a little out of control. Because, c'mon! The Samurai Umbrella is cool.
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  1. Great blog. Lots of blogs like this cover subjects that just aren’t covered by magazines. I don’t know how we got by 15 years ago with just print media.